Scales activities – Technical drawing 2º/3º ESO

1. How far are two cities that are 40 centimetres away on a map with a 1:500.000
scale? Write the result in Kilometres.
2. How many real kilometres are 15 centimetres on a map with a 1:50.000 scale?
3. Two points are 20 centimetres away on a map with a 1:20.000 scale. How far are those points on a map with a 1:40.000 scale?
4. If the real distance between Infantes and Villahermosa is 14 kilometres. How far are these towns on a map with a 1:10.000 scale ?
5. A real distance of 200 metres is represented by 5 centimetres on a plan. Which is the scale of the plan?
6. We want to draw a small screw on a DIN A4 format (length = 25 cm aproximately). If the real  length of the screw is 5 millimetres. Which scale would we use?
7. Calculate which scale must be used on a map so that the real distance between Infantes and
Granada, which is 240 kilometres far, equals 12 centimetres on the map.
8. Mary has a piece of land with a rectangular form of 200 m. x 300 m. If we draw it on a plan with
a scale of 1/5000, calculate the real area (in km2) and the area in the plan (in mm2).
9. Charlie is 1,75 m tall. How tall is he in a photo with a 1/10 scale? Anne is in the same photo and
she is 18cm tall. Which is her real height? Who is taller?
10. The real distance between New York and Toronto is 1500 km.  This distance measures 3 cm on a map. Calculate the scale of this map.

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